Sunday, October 29, 2006

I take solace in the fact that whoever did the CGs for this game can't draw hands either.

Hello, everyone~ Okay, obligatory first post, even though this is a move, but it's technically the first post here. Besides, come on, before now I was using my Deviantart journal. If that isn't something to attempt drastically to live down... Might post some of the old entries over here at some point. Meh.

So, hi, if you're new readers. (Woo, new readers.) I'm Sana Jisushi. Yes, I made it up off the top of my head in grade five. I'm 18 now, so I can't very well get rid of the name. It's stuck. Most of my friends call me Jisu. In case you want to know how to write it, it's all katakana but with the 'shi' for remember. Yes, no one's name is like that. Remember, mine is made up. I can do that if I very well want to.

I like mahou shoujo and visual novel adaptations. Do not bring horror or blood anywhere near me, it is a vile thing and must be thrown out the nearby window to be eaten by a moldy mutant couch. For me, anyway. You might like it. Meh. As for what I'll be posting about, probably mostly news, games I'm trying to play through with the full knowledge that I really, really suck at Japanese, first episode impressions, fandom stuff, that sort of thing.

Kanon-bashers will be thrown out aforementioned window to aforementioned couch. 2006 and 2002. I realize that 2002's animation sucked, there were too few episodes, the faces were too stretched, some stuff was confusingly left out and the snow looked like styrofoam dropped from an airplane. This does not mean it was a bad show. If you recall, it was a very good show. Same with bunnygirl Haruhi suddenly sucking compared to Max Factory's new Haruhi. Things should be taken on their own terms.

Think that's it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to share them.