Thursday, March 29, 2007

The compiled Haruhi/CLANNAD theories

I'm sure we're all thinking our brains out about the disappearance, as it were, of Suzumiya Haruhi's return. Or we have already. My silent observation (sort of) has allowed me to compile all the theories I can think of, and some I just made up, about just what is going on. With commentary, of course!

1: CLANNAD will come in fall 2007, and Haruhi will air in Spring of 2008.

Comments:Possible. After all, something that was given a preview is almost certain to come first. But you seem to have forgotten that CLANNAD is another of Key's "season" works, and is based around spring. If it airs in fall, it will end in either fall or winter. So far, the Key/Kyoani collaborations have aired in their own respective seasons.

2: CLANNAD will come in summer 2007, and Haruhi in fall, right on schedule.

Comments: Doubtful, if only that Kanon got 24 episodes and did well with them. AIR cut a lot of things out (although it was still really good), and though some people complained about Kanon's slowness, the majority of people appreciated it (myself included-- who says this blog isn't biased?). Considering Kyoani's policy of one show per season, Haruhi would have to be bumped back to winter.

3: CLANNAD will air in spring 2008, and Haruhi on schedule.

Comments: A few problems with this theory. For one, the TV network wouldn't have announced this series yet if it were airing over a year later. The other is that if Haruhi's coming earlier, why hasn't it been given the same announcement? Unless...

4: Haruhi is coming this year. However, its sudden lack of official information is a publicity stunt.

Comments: My favourite theory; it makes a lot of sense. Kyoani has had a lot of fun with this series and marketed specifically to those that have read the books. If you're not familiar with the next book, its title is Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, and it revolves around Haruhi suddenly vanishing, with nobody but Kyon acknowledging that she ever existed. Don't you think that draws just a bit of parallel to this situation?

5: Haruhi is being delayed to allow more novels to be printed.

Comments: Also plausible. After all, we all hate when the show overtakes the source material -- it never ends well.

6: Our sources were wrong, there will be no second Haruhi.

Comments: Possible, but not likely.

I'm pretty sure you can see what I'm leaning towards. This was a fun exercise. Until there's more news...


Monday, March 26, 2007

Ikimashou yo we love you...

So, I picked up some interesting news about Bandai's inevitable and recently announced licensing of Galaxy Angelrune. One, they're collaborating with Geneon, who's doing the actual distribution. Two, no English dub. Sorry for all those that might have wanted to see Rico and the Rune-tai in English. I'll have to hunt down a fandub or something.

Personally, I didn't really like Galaxy Angelrune at all, even though I'm not one of those people that automatically hates anything with a cast reboot -- I actually really want to play the GAII games (haven't yet) and like the characters so far. The anime, though... is just awful. The only good thing it contributed to the world was the famous dance line pose that has been copied for every series in existence. And the theme song's fun to sing...

I've done what, three of these?

Saturday, March 24, 2007

The end of NWA filler?

So, I haven't updated lately. Sorry about that. There just hasn't been much news outside of CLANNAD (and yes, I'm looking forward to watching it!) and I've been job hunting at my parents' insistence. I'm pathetic, I know. In any case, I'm back now, sorry about that. Um... Next entry will have a point!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In cars! (Image-heavy)

I was looking for a story to post on and thought I'd read up on how the CLANNAD movie promotion in Akihabara the other day turned out. Then what caught my eye was the CLANNAD-themed bus bringing the cosplay models, which got me thinking about the anime-themed cars like the Nanoha car, which was seen out in Akihabara again the other day...

So I decided, here's the discussion today. What do you think about anime-themed cars? Is it cool, or just weird? Would you want one, or be scared that it would get vandalized? Is it just plain cooler when fans do it than when the company does, or is it about the same?

Some images to start you off...

This you can find at Dengeki Online's article.

Actually, all these are taken from other blogs and other sources. You've probably seen them before, this is just a refresher.

The lesser-known Nanohamobiles.

And their more famous... sister? Is that how cars work?

Sadly, I couldn't find that Galaxy Angel car or the Haruhi semi.

Friday, March 09, 2007

All my posts are mixed bags these days, aren't they?

So it seems they released finished shots of the S-Strain figures. Sara and Lottie look pretty good, I think, although I wonder what it is that Lottie's standing on. Mercurion spillage? As for Sara, I like her base, but I kinda miss the trial wooden base for some reason. Either way, they look pretty cool. Danny's already posted some shots, so I won't. It also seems that these two won't be the only ones out, just the first batch, but I think I want one of them anyway. Now which one...

In other news, know any potential voice actors? I play around in fandubs from time to time, but I've got some really serious friends that want to go professional. I bring this up because it seems that the Japanese are getting in on the AVA scene. The link? Victor Entertainment's holding auditions for the heroine of a new series. I wonder if maybe the American companies should start doing that for their licensing announcement marketing, instead of ripping off the Haruhi thing before it gets old.

Getting back to less than three news items per day. Means more coverage for the ones you do take!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Licensing rambles

Woo, I seem to be the first to catch this. I knew there was an upside to waking up early in the morning. According to conflicting sources, Higurashi's English title is either "When They Cry" or "When They Cry - Higurashi". At least those names have been used on official artwork before. I don't mind it either way (it doesn't sound ridiculous, at least). Then again, Higurashi freaked me out so I don't really know if I'll buy it anyway...

In other licensing news, it seems that Bandai has licensed Freedom. I liked the first volume of that, so one more thing to add to the list of things I want... oh, and about Geneon again, even though they haven't even released the first season of Rozen Maiden yet, they've already picked up Rozen Maiden Träumend along with it. I guess they have faith, don't they?

Still no word on the other apparent licenses...

School computer go!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Ouran game.

So apparently the thing about the Ouran dating sim is true. Sounds fun. It's coming out April 19th, everybody. As for Kamichama Karin, its premiere date was announced too-- April 6. Wonder if they picked Good Friday on purpose.

Sorry for the short entry. Come on, the only other news today is that nutjob that thinks all telepaths should die starting with Mint "I'm not real, okay?" Blancmanche.

Which makes Michiru and Kaoru angry.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Geneon's mystery license is not Ouran.

It's Higurashi. Which begs the question... just whose is the mystery Ouran rumour?

Edit: Rumour has it that Geneon's also got Nanoha, Maria-sama ga Miteru and Saiunkoku Monogatari. We'll have to wait and see...

Yes, I realize that I'm a complete hypocrite for posting this.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Aimless Haruhi rantage and other things.

So the Tales of Symphonia The Animation trailer, which you've probably already seen, was pretty cool. I couldn't complain, anyway. And now my friends are fangirling it, so all is good.

What I do want to complain about is the Haruhi DVD order. I don't want to have to buy expensive special editions just to see the series in the order it was meant to be seen, but I guess Bandai is doing all they can, considering their contract. Maybe if everyone gets the special, this won't happen again and the next time something out of the ordinary happens in anime, the sellers will let it stay that way. (I might complain, but the absolute truth is that I wanted to buy the special editions anyway. But why do the DVD episodes have to be in chronological order?)

Speaking of Haruhi, they need to mass produce that Day of Sagittarius Haruhi figure. Because it simply looks awesome. That or the bikini Haruhi with the Super Soaker, but I'd feel strange with that one...

So Geneon's holding another licence guess contest. This is really getting old. Who wants to bet what it is? I don't get in a lather about licenses, unless it's a series I like. Personally, I think somebody should put AIR on primetime mainstream television, but that's about it. (It wouldn't even have any competition. What else is on TV in summer besides reruns? Canadian Idol?)

Feel the power of the 5-yen coin.