Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Worst Sequels Ever...

Now, I know we're all looking forward to Higurashi Kai. It promises better animation, better explanations, and of course, more keeping you up for five days straight sleeping with a bat. But as with everything, there's also a chance to be let down. What to do? Well, I've got just the thing for you! Here I'll remind everyone of the nine worst anime sequel series I can think of. That way, when July comes around and your eager awaiting of lolis killing each other pays off, you'll be happy -- because at least it won't be any of these.

9)Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ OVA

Blasphemy, you say? Maybe. And I admit, I actually liked this one, which is why it's lowest on the list. There is a bad thing, though. This OVA was made for fans of the games and only fans of the games. That would, too, be fine, but it was released concurrently with Toraha spinoff Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha, a title with which you are no doubt familiar. Seven Arcs didn't count for Nanoha's explosive popularity, especially with those out of Japan or who can otherwise not get their hands on the games, and the lack of information on them outside of Japan leaves many people confused and believing more irregularities than the average Raging Lunatic.

For causing Nanoha fans to believe that Kuon is a prototype of Fate that turns into Yuuno, not to mention no focus on winning girl Shinobu, Triangle Heart 3 ~Sweet Songs Forever~ OVA gets number nine on the list.

8) Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS

I might be unfair in assessing this. After all, it came right after S, which was nothing short of amazing at the time. But this is another instance of Toei's poor judgment (remember the forged ratings chart?). We've just had a great season with more mature themes and lots of publicity, so what do we do? Take out all the new characters and focus on the younger side of the audience, throwing in more little girls and giving the starring role to the pink fluffy kid. I like Chibiusa as much as the next person, but after usurping the series, it was no wonder they shuffled her out of the way next season. It's like what's happening to Sesame Street, according to some kids'-show fan friends. In a grab for the youngest demographic, who liked them well enough before, they focus exclusively on the character meant to represent said little kids and alienate everybody else. Redeeming qualities? The Amazones Quartet were cute.

For following up a powerhouse with a ratings grab for five-year-olds and shutting out everyone else, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS is struck with number eight.

7)Digimon Adventure 02

I'm going to get shot here. I admit that this season took a great villain and turned him into a greater hero, and faced everybody up with their inner fears in a good pre-finale. But everything else suffered in turn. The new characters weren't as interesting, and the old cast, with about two exceptions, was turned into a pile of cardboard cutouts. Ignoring the previous seasons' lessons of independence, Sora and Jou suddenly and inexplicably turned into their parents, which they had spent their elementary school lives resisting, and us cheering for them. The ending was a complete mess that came out of nowhere. And as for Archnemon and Mummymon, the control towers, Black WarGreymon, the Four Gods, the video game tie-ins, the scrapped plotline with Hikari being stalked by a giant sea monster, and the creepy small children with plants growing out of their heads... what was that?

For discarding plotlines halfway through, not explaining much and warping the characters we came to know and love in Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02 attains seventh place.

6) Yes! Precure 5

I actually kind of like this one, too. (I'm fandubbing it!) But honestly, taking into consideration the other Precure series, it's a disgrace. There's not much but pile upon pile of cliches, whether it's character types, powerups, or storylines. Sometimes the combination works, but sometimes it doesn't. And, of course, Akimoto Komachi is completely ripped off Midorikawa Retasu. The series also loses points for being part of Toei's now-infamous ratings chart forgery.

For taking the Precure name and reducing it to average, as well as lying to gain popularity, Yes! Precure 5 becomes 6.

5) Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure

And let me clarify that this only applies to the anime. The Pichi Pichi Pitch manga handled this arc beautifully, if quickly, and maturely. The anime, however, somehow forgot to tell a story in between seasons. Much of the series was filler, mountainous, pointless, and bad. They dragged out Kaito's amnesia too long and rushed the ending, cutting out part and making it confusing. They rarely foreshadowed or did anything interesting, and the crime committed to the secondary characters was tragic (they could have at least used all that filler to develop their characters!). The animation cut too many corners, with formerly adorable loli Seira looking like one of those starving children from foreign countries with tiny limbs and humongous heads. And did I mention the filler? Bowling for chibis, running over to Antarctica for errands and turning into old women. Even the beautiful music and good voice acting on the part of Lanhua and the returning cast couldn't save this.

For bad animation, bad storytelling and bad pacing, Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure reaches number five.

4) .hack//tasogare no udewa densetsu

Another anime-only entry. The manga was an interesting and emotional conclusion to the story of the first The World. The anime, however, went one further than that of Pichi Pichi Pitch: after a first episode that made a few suspicious changes, it threw out the story completely. Becoming a goofy ripoff of //SIGN without the emotion, it exaggerated all the characters, went in circles, and just didn't do anything interesting. Oh, and the character changes. (Hotaru a crossdresser? Shugo and Rena living apart? Okay...) This piece of garbage is still one of the very few members of the franchise to be kicked out of the canon.

For taking altogether too many liberties with its manga counterpart and betraying its powerful predecessor with unoriginality, dumb gags and rampant siscon, .hack//tasogare no udewa densetsu is attached to number four.

3) Galaxy Angel Rune

Did nobody get the memo? The Galaxy Angel anime is supposed to be a parody of adaptation decay, with a purposeful lack of continuity, dearth of gags, ignorance of the games and character exaggeration. Instead, Galaxy Angel Rune became a straight usage of all that its predecessor mocked. Casting a bad light on the Galaxy Angel II games, it reused other series' jokes to little effect, threw in too much fanservice and dragged on when it was supposed to be funny. The highlight of the series was the return of the Moon Angels, which makes sense, but it's sad -- those of us that know the series know that the Rune Angels can be funny and endearing. Here, they just weren't.

As Hinano said, Galaxy Angel Rune is an insult to the original Galaxy Angel. This gets number three.

2) Kanon Itsumo

Yes, I'm putting it on here. For those not in the know, "Kanon Itsumo" was a hoax perpetuated by an attention-seeking fandubber. By the time it was proved to be false to her unsuspecting public, it had revived Makoto, spawned three games and an anime, and added about five Mary Sues. Its saving grace from the number one spot is only that it wasn't real.

A fake sequel made by a girl that also claimed to have three pools, a professional acting career, enough Air Miles to travel the world and have met Johnny Depp, the Kanon Itsumo hoax gets her attention all right -- as number two of the worst anime sequels of all time.

Here it comes.

The number one spot.

Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode

Yep, it's only a manga. But it's terrible enough to earn spot number one on my list. After Yoshida Reiko left the Tokyo Mew Mew project, illustrator Ikumi Mia decided to do a sequel without knowing the first thing about writing. The result shoved the original cast into the background and brought in the very definition of a Mary Sue. The resulting story of the irritatingly perfect Shirayuki Berii read like a bad fanfic: doubly powerful and everyone's instant best friend, she and she alone was targeted by the new bad guys (who were a clumsy but commendable allegory on racism, but couldn't beat the original KPT) and saved the day all by herself. What about Ichigo, you ask? Well, she was depowered for no reason and only served as Berii's living weapon powerup. I am not exaggerating.

For letting down waiting fans with a story out of fanfiction.net, a new main character that defines annoying to anyone, and an overall lack of research and a climax that came out of nowhere, Tokyo Mew Mew a la mode is the ultimate bad sequel.

Disagree? Tell me! Who would you put here, and why?

The ultimate Mary Sue.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find out more about Kanon Itsumo?

Mew Cinnamon said...

I REALLY like Mew Berry! She's my favorite and I get VERY annoyed hearing people say these kinds of things about her, or A la Mode in general. Maybe if you looked at it from a Berry fan's point of veiw you would understand, but seeing as you're a Berry hate I bet you wouldn't -_-

Anonymous said...

the all time biggest disappointment in the realm of anime sequels for me was DRAGONBALL GT. now whether you love or hate db and dbz, close to everyone hates dbgt. characters who could blow up planets with a thought (and this started even before freeza with vegeta on arlia for god's sake) turn into absolute putz's, the great vegeta is tossed around by pretty much every evil character including random rocks and turns into a goku hero-worshipper, goku himself is a pitiful caricature of his former self (EVEN COMPARED TO REAL KID GOKU IN DB), piccolo becomes lame beyond imagining, the fights are boring, the "new" cast of main characters are imbecilic and one dimensional, and every saiyan basically looks like the "artists" traced their faces from a common template and drew minimally different hairstyles on top. and they can't even continue the plot without recycling a wash of old characters from db and dbz... and then destroys these characters by making them laughable morons.

what a sad and sorry joke.

Mew Berry Girl said...

私はMewのベリー大好き!彼女は今まで(ストロベリー、ミント、レタス、ザクロ)、または裏切るその他(ストロベリー、ミント、ザクロ)他人を傷つけるでした。彼女はいつも手伝った。と言う究極のメアリースーか?ザクロ2番目の彼女はテレビでは、袋小路見られずに変換または取得何でも知って私はロボットベリー(怒られる場合で、 Ucha )!私はすべての袋小路愛が、私最良のベリーが大好きです。彼女を侮辱してはいけない。


I love Mew Berry! She did not ever hurt others (Strawberry, Mint, Lettuce, Pomegranate) or betray others (Strawberry, Mint, Pomegranate). She always helped. And you say ultimate Mary Sue? Pomegranate knew everything the second she transformed without seeing the mews on TV or getting yelled at by a robot(in Berry's case, Ucha)! I love all mews, but I love Berry best. Don't insult her.

P.S. That is what I wrote. If you try to translate it you will get something else. The translator is terrible. That is what I said!

Sana Jisushi said...

@Mew Berry Girl: Your Japanese is atrocious. I'm not even touching that.

Berry said...

Sorry! I have to use terrible translators. Not my fault!

Berry said...

Anyway, Berry is awesome! But, as Mew Cinnamon said, you are a Berry hate and you don't understand and never will.

Anonymous said...

I understand. May be it's because you like Ichigo so you're unhappy about her being depowered. You know, I really like Ichigo too. But I also like Berrii. I mean, I've already heard those rude talkings about Tokyo Mew Mew A la mode. I've never read it actually, but even if it's bad, you shouldn't talk like this. If you are a Berrii fan, will you become mad? Like you become mad when Ichigo is depowered? You would, wouldn't you? I also see that Berrii really seems like a fanfiction character in a popular fanfiction. But, admit it: Even if she is an Ichigo rip-off, even if she is in a bad fanfiction, she is still cool just as she is. So before writing something, you should think about people first. And try to read your article again, but as a Berrii fan's point.

Dasini said...

I agree. Berry is a Mary Sue, rather her fans think she's cool or not.
A character can be a Mary Sue yet be cool in some other person's eyes obviously.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the Tokyo Mew Mew A la Mode one...
Despite neither loving nor hating Berry, even I know a Mary Sue when I see one.
(A Mary Sue is an all-around perfect character with no true flaws, hogs the spotlight all the time, easily accepted, all characters love her including those who are not a "people person," and have "implausible talents.")
While the other Mew Mews had their abilities based on one endangered animal, Berry's are based on not one but TWO. (Tvtropes labels this as "God Mode Sue" and/or "Possession Sue.") She is also accepted as the leader without proving herself as well as way too easily. She is overall labeled as a "Canon Sue." I was irritated by how the original characters were acting OoC (out of character) and how Ichigo was powered down... (then again I love original versions better)
Although Ichigo isn't much better (due to her obsession with the Gary Stu-ish Masaya and occasionally acting more like a girl with a bad crush rather than a leader), she eventually earns the right to be called a leader. Berry did not.
Originals FTW.

Anonymous said...

Mew Berry annoys me out of my mind. She thinks she's perfect, and she's just a BRAT. I don't care what you say. The only reason you think she's cool because she's absolutely perfect. She looks like Ichigo except for her hair, she's half-cat, and she's leader when she barely knows a thing about the Mews. She tries to get into a school because she likes the uniforms, which dubs her a prissy snob. She is an idiot. Apparently she's very bad at keeping secrets. She's a Mary Sue, with no faults. And everyone loves her because she's oh-so-special and beautiful. She's exactly like a rabbit...ugly, annoying, stupid, and a nuisance. I can see why Ikumi stopped at only two books...she got bored writing about such a stupid, horrible character.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous above me:

The original mangaka didn't write A la Mode.
The one who wrote the original story was Yoshida Reiko. The artist, Ikumi Mia, made her own spin-off of it which we know as A la Mode. Reiko had nothing to do with the spin-off.

Anonymous said...

Here is a clip of a comment from someone on a different website that may open your eyes. "While she has her flaws, they are very few. Flaws help make the character more human and realistically identifiable. Take those flaws away, and the character is flat and less enjoyable. This is, unfortunately, a thing Berry lacks.
She also steals the spotlight from the other characters, something Ichigo never did. While Ichigo DID have the spotlight most of the time, the other characters were more than just decorations with names. The same cannot be said for Berry, who seems to be the only useful Mew Mew come a La Mode. The other Mew Mews weren't really needed other than to tie the first series and a La Mode together. Other than that, they had no plot importance. Even Ichigo was shoved aside, as if she had never been leader OR saved the world from destruction.
There's also the fact that the other characters accepted her instantly, even though that was an OOC action for some of them. For example, I doubt Mint would have been so welcoming towards Berry at first, probably instead taking an "I'm not sure about her" stance. Ichigo also seemed too accepting, considering it would probably have seemed to her like her friends had replaced her with some new chick. Hell, that's pretty much what Berry was; an Ichigo replacement, even though one wasn't needed.
A better role for Berry would have been for her to be another side Mew, and if necessary, a temporary leader until Ichigo returned.

All in all, a completely unnecessary Mary Sue. However, she has some redeemable qualities, in my opinion, that cause me to like her." There you go.