Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soukou no Fake

You want Soukou no Strain news, you get Soukou no Strain news. There hasn't been that much of it recently, besides the fact that somehow, the Sara and Lottie figures were featured in last month's Newtype USA (which made it sound like a harem comedy, but that's a story for another article). But I've come across something very interesting, and by interesting, I mean ridiculous. I thought S-Strain wasn't very popular, but I guess it was, or at least enough to warrant an...


Shocking, isn't it? Well, let's do what I do best (besides make lists and thwack people that try to look up my skirt in chatbox), and mock this thing to death!

Signature font logo in white. Come on, you people can do better than this. I could do better than this, and you've all seen my "lovely" rendition of Sara. At least keep the nice original logo on there, it'd look better. And put "Soukou no Strain" in English somewhere next to it. A lot of real licensed releases do that anyway.

On a related note, "The Beautiful World"!? Clearly, this person needs to learn something about title cliches and when to use them. The S-Strain body count isn't nearly high enough for it to be called Beautiful World anything.

Hey, what's that? It's the picture on the official site, just smooshed. You probably couldn't tell, because you were distracted by the ugly watermark. "Hey, look, I stole this! You can't steal it from me!"

Way to take the premise of the show and word it so it sounds like some kind of pioneer movie. And you could at least make the text readable. Lens flare is not to be used for evil.

Certificate of not-so-authenticity from the "Censorship Board". Bye-bye, Episode Seven, you will not be missed.

That's all I have time for. So you see, pandering to your subscribers is fun!


Charles said...

ZOMG IT'S NOT ACTUALLY A DUB! If it was, I would of probably bought it just for the laughs of hearing a fan dub!

Although, I'm aware of the bootleg DVD which I came across while pondering if I should buy the damn figurine on eBay. (Still haven't; people would think I'm weird.)

As for the back cover, it contains quite a bit of spoilers. I went in to the anime half asleep with no previous knowledge of the plot. It was a bit of a shock when they died and it was her brother, but yeah, half asleep is my excuse! Anybody paying attention would know it's her brother, so I guess it's not that big of a spoiler. Looks like they didn't even watch it, either.

...I can't believe I still subscribe to this blog for S-Strain. :(

Anonymous said...

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