Sunday, April 29, 2007

I knew Toei wasn't that good, but...

Check it out. Toei's released a chart that supposedly shows the TV rating success of all four Precure series. And by supposedly, I mean...

Listing everything that appears suspect would be quite a chore. The biggest tipoff: the most recent season has the best ratings. This would be a blindingly obvious clue for anything, but especially the one season that, in many friends' experience, the least people like? Seriously, now. Another point is that this most recent season is the only one where the climactic moments were accompanied by a spike in ratings. Not only that, all previous series' climactic moments were shown by a massive drop. Do they really expect people to believe that the population of Japan, for the past three years, would rather watch filler than something important to the plot? This isn't neurosurgery, people. (Although the Toei publicists that released this might need some.)

For the record, I don't hate Yes! Precure 5. I like it, even the parts that are blatant ripoffs of other, better mahou shoujo series. But it's not that good, and the Futari Wa series were anything but bad. Now, before I get less than six hours of sleep, signing off.

Go go sixtieth post since the move.

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