Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Compare this Nayuki to...

...that one. She's coming February of next year. I just hope they make a good version of Mai. Mai has been deprived of decent figures for too long.

Speaking of figures, I got my hands on a Milfeulle, my first full-size figure (call me a neophyte... or whatever ruder synonym you can think of) today. I was actually looking at Tsubasa plushies. They had a set of the four main characters (just plain adorable) and a couple of HUGE Mokonas. I wanted the white one but I thought the black one would get lonely. I'm such a kid sometimes. Why are all my figures red or pink, anyway? I need to introduce more colours. Then maybe I can do a photo diary thing like that one person with the KH figures. Because that's just amusing.

Soukou no Strain~ How did I miss its release? I'm downloading it right now, share your thoughts. ^^

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