Monday, January 15, 2007

My pizza. T_T

So I missed some important news bits, like Geneon licensing Rozen Maiden with a sucky viral marketing campaign that was just there to promote their own podcast. Sorry about that. Well, now you know, if you didn't already hear about that.

I don't see what people's complaints are about Saint October's lack of substance. I think it's a riot, and cute besides. Come on, flying karaoke, bad English on the news, very obvious episode titles and the heroines being named Ko*Na*Mi to plug the sponsor... were you really expecting Nanoha?

I love my Japanese class. Today we were practicing formal goodbyes, and we played rock-paper-scissors for who got to be the senior. I really need to study my penmanship, though, because I'm clearly the worst one in the class. I can pronounce stuff, though!

Moving on to the most important news bit of the day. MY PIZZA. I took a slice of nice, pineapple pizza to school today. It was actually made that way for once by the takeout people, so I wouldn't have to take off the ham. And it was all soft and I put it in the microwave for just enough time and it was warm and it looked so good and JUST AS I WAS TAKING IT OUT IT DROPPED AND LANDED FACE DOWN ON THE UGLY DIRTY SNOWY CARPET now I'm hungryyyy. *Sulks in a corner*

Wow. Clean shoujo fanart. Does such a thing exist?

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Hung said...

I totally didn't notice that Konami thing. Nice catch.