Wednesday, January 17, 2007

News dump!

Okay, so the asosbrigade new design looks decent. And pink. For Valentine's, I guess. Is anyone else amused by the fact that there are now Ryouko and Tsuruya myspaces run by fans? It looks fun!

My Japanese class is great. And not just because we discuss the merits of romance manga in the lab, although that's an interesting point. Today, the teacher was going on with the overhead giving us the kana drills, then he said "I'm going to continue with the phrase I gave you yesterday..." and pulled up the overhead. Revealing not Japanese vocab, nor a blank chalkboard, but "Faeries are real" written across the board. Everybody, including the teacher, just stared and laughed.

ALSO. Anime Nano Podcast came back from hiatus. I am one of those Borders aisle kids, and I watch the dubs! Love it, though.

Am I the only one in the world that's looking forward to Yes! Precure 5? Tell me now, please.

And speaking of Haruhi... What is this?


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