Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thoughts on ayyo's closing

A special entry today.

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I just had to say something about this, even though I didn't feel like blogging. As you've all probably heard by now, Makenai desuwayo! has shut down. Now I'm not blogging about this because I read it a lot, even though I did- it's been a good source of information. Nor because of the irony in the name, either. I'm writing because I'm incensed at why ayyo has decided to shut down his blog.

Long rant? Lots of pictures.

The site's been shut down now, replaced with falling snowflakes and random farewell comments. But if you read the last posts before that happened, you would have heard his reasoning. He didn't stop blogging for the same reasons that most of us do, like we just don't feel like it (he said that he had at least seven more articles in waiting and was forcing himself not to write them) or aren't read anyway (his comments were always full). Rather, he had come upon a rather disturbing awakening: "I hate blogs."

And then he told us why. Because he didn't believe anymore that everyone should put up their own feelings and try to have their voice heard. He ranted about TIME magazine naming its person of the year "You" and said that when the internet was invented, people should have stopped and wondered if other people cared about what they had to say. He also believed that certain people have leadership qualities, most do not, and everyone should accept this.

But the minor characters are always the most interesting.

Now before you sound off about my pouncing on a popular writer to improve my post count, I'm not an idiot. I don't want to make all of you hate me and I especially don't want to spread lies around. I am saying what he said, and I would quote it, but of course, the entries in question have been deleted. And yes, I am angry. Angry at this treatment of the individual, like we're back in the Middle Ages and the only person that matters in him or herself is the ruler of the country. But you have to remember, I'm angry because I liked what this guy wrote and it's a sad thing that he's come to think this way.

We are in an age of the individual, a second Renaissance. I know that sounds like a piece of propaganda from the 80's or something, but the Cold War ended less than twenty years ago with the individualists over the commune. It hurts to see somebody whose opinion was so respected and sought out turn his back on this and say that only a few people should have a voice because nobody cares about the others.

I wonder...

But people do care. Maybe not about my blog, but about lots of others. I care about yours, whether you get one comment per entry or twenty on the slow days. Whether I even read you or not. Because it means you can say what you want, and you do, because you know you're a person like anyone else and you have feelings that shouldn't be ignored.

Good luck, everyone, and don't give up. I know I won't.

When spring does come, I hope we can all be there to see it.


Anonymous said...

Well, stupid reason to stop his blog, for me it sounds like a fake, but well there are a lot of people out there with different point of views, if he really thinks so, then he is a fool for me.

Anonymous said...


Not to be a wet blanket on a post-9/11 parade. But you know you have a problem over at $unri$e when the best you can do is CLAMP and a lesbian using a desk corner as a replacement for a love interst. J/K!! :P

I think it's tragic that Ayyo left, and for THAT reason. My question: Since when is it okay to not have an opinion, not fight back, and not defend yourself?

Sana Jisushi said...

...when did I even mention Code Geass?

That said...

hmm, i personally found it sad that he left the place, but the very fact that he hates blogs and thinks that only "people of leadership quality" should blog is really wrong.

This is the web. It is a web where quality eventually beats out quantity, due to the simple fact that some people, as he said, are not fitted to move on in the long run. In a way, there is of no need to leave as so. People will eventually flock to places that provide the best information (advertising and all that layout jazz too) but the point is that content is still important and those who are not good enough simply won't have viewers.

I think that blogs are a good avenue of directing and telling others what is happening out there, and I hope that he really does not dislike blogs as it is.

Still, I cannot blame you. I feel the same sentiments. Yet, it is his decision to leave. So, I respect him envertheless.

That said...

and if u are thinking who in the world is that, i just forgot to login from another account, lol.

Impz from THAT anime blog.

Alastor said...

I've never said this of any aniblogger but frankly I had found ayyo obnoxious. He has a way of talking down to people. It comes across especially in his replies to comments. I like his eroge reviews. They are well written and they bring something new to the table. But having Emperor Britiannia's mentality kinda of turned me off.

Karura said...

I too was annoyed by those final "shut up, peons" posts...just as with anything, even if there are a lot of poor blogs, there are also some good ones. If people want to read what I write, then it's online and they're welcome to do so, and if they don't care or don't think I'm worthy, I'm not forcing them to visit. Who knows, someone who doesn't have 'leadership qualities' or is considered 'unworthy' may well have something interesting to say if given the chance.