Thursday, February 22, 2007

Breaking news: I am NOT disillusioned and retiring!

Fresh out of responding to yet another fanfic reader that yes, it is Hwang Bu-ling, I learned that The Third had been licensed... with another Haruhi-esque viral marketing campaign. Come on, you guys. It was cool with Haruhi. With Rozen Maiden, people were a bit wary. Now it's just silly. Next time someone picks up a good show and tries to have some fun with it, it won't be cool anymore.

So I'm replaying the first Galaxy Angel game. I still don't understand everything because I suck, but at least I get enough to have found all the Shiva CGs last time I played it through. Now to just remember how I did it. I know it was in Forte's thread, so I'll try to play that one next...

What's with everyone getting all depressed lately? The tired aura is just floating around and sinking everybody down. There needs to be something fun to do to get everybody's spirits up. Besides complaining about licenses, because apparently that's getting old. Maybe it's seasonal affective disorder. And the fact that not many people like this winter's shows. In any case, I wish you all the best and some sanity back.

In happier news, Urara's transformation goes between cool and ridiculous. This could cheer anyone up.

I really need to stop using the same series over and over for the pictures.

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