Monday, February 26, 2007

I found a Sailor Moon RP that can best be described as "magical girl gang war". This is not about that.

I did bring Makoto to school today, but I don't want to bother my computer-illiterate self with learning how to connect to the school's protected server. So I am again typing this on a genuine school computer. My own just came along to play games in Japanese.

In Yes! Precure 5 news, Retasu (well, technically Retasu's benign plant-powered clone, Akimoto Komachi) transformed last weekend. So she's got a shield spell. I guess it's so they can write filler about her guarding, like, buried treasure or something. Also, her hair is too big. I guess they wanted to disguise her clone origins. In any case, can her "earth-shaking rage" control the water?

(Note to new readers: just because I like to equate Akimoto Komachi and Midorikawa Retasu does not mean that I condone in any way the practice of calling all group magical girl series knockoffs. In fact, I despise this practice and cringe whenever I see someone mouthing off about "another Sailor Moon clone". Komachi is Retasu, and to an extent, if Minto and Zakuro were to have a child it would be Karen. But this does not mean that I am condemning the show or the characters. So just please shut up about me being a hypocrite.)

Mint, yes. Cure, if healer counts. I just didn't have any images of Komachi or Retasu.


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