Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How to eat your Nozomi

Okay, so I've finally got some half-decent internet back. That means more fluid posts instead of posts for the sake of living! Yay! To start, I'll share something amusing: Edible Nozomi. For all your breakfast needs. There was a Mai, a Saki and a Michiru, too, that I've seen. I wonder if there's an Urara or Karen, their colours are the only ones I'm not allergic to. How would you make them, anyway? They look like they're made of icing. Does anybody know?

Also, just when you thought that the joke about the Haruhi character albums was over, it lives again. At least there's an end to them (and a pretty fun end, too), at least until Shoushitsu airs. I can't get Ryouko 2.0's "Fixed Mind" out of my head for some reason, even though it's probably the least catchy song and certainly the least energetic. Now if I could track down the ones I don't have...

So Tokyopop changed around their ratings system. Good enough, considering the headlines (at least around here) warning parents whose kids buy manga that one 10-year-old was caught being a pervert. Now if they'd just put that money towards, I don't know, decent translations! Their localization attempts are hideous (have you ever seen an ojousama command her teammates to "bust a move, girl"? You will), their marketing is cheesy, they mix up text boxes, remove honourifics, can't decide which romanization system to use between volumes, and snap up too many titles at once. The shounen titles get treated significantly better than the shoujo, but they all get subjected to this fearsome horror. Geh.

Also, Funimation is the NA release anime market share leader of the year, again. Credit where it's due, although-- do I even have anything from them? I don't remember right now.

In response to the last post, my Skype is sana.jisushi; if you are not a French stalker, feel free to bother me. Maybe then the ratio will be settled.

And apparently another season of Onegai My Melody was just announced now. Way to be late, guys.

Dear Tokyopop: her name is Hwang Bu-Ling.

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