Friday, February 16, 2007

Haruhi's gone mad.

Okay, it's not as serious as all that. It simply seems that Negima!?'s ratings suck compared to the rest of TV Tokyo's afternoon block. Which isn't fair, considering how much fun it is. What got the top spot? Kirarin Revolution.

Then again, we can't expect the world to be functioning properly after the discovery that typing "Haruhi Suzumiya" into Google Earth indicates a hospital in Kagawa. Someone get Oharuhi-sama off the hospital drugs!

Who knows what the world will wake up as tomorrow.


Hinano said...

That's cause Negima is terrible! I mean people complained about the first TV series but at least the first series was consistent in TRYING to keep some sort of story going.

Negima just tries too hard to be like action comedy and stupidity at the same time which in combo makes for crap (its like mixing strawberries and stir fry. Both good on their own but together are nasty.)

Kirarin Revolution's pretty bad but I can see why kids might be more interested in seeing that then seeing crap about some Chupakabura they've got going for the first 10 episodes. (I dropped it then but I bet they still have stuff about it in the show.)

Sana Jisushi said...

Well, I like it.

hashihime said...

Negima!? is outstanding, one of the visually most enjoyable shows I've seen. But by relegating the story to second place -- which is where it belongs compared to the great art -- it makes 24 episodes impossible. And it's on at the wrong time: this is not a kids' show, and should be on late at night.

Ray said...

nice Evangelion Suzumiya pic! You've got a cool site!
Happy way Belated Valentine to you, too. I just saw your site today.