Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas suggestions

Merry Christmas, everyone!

So it's Christmas Eve, and I'm sitting here reading everybody else's blog. Then I wondered, what else could be done to spread cheer to the sphere? (Stop rhyming, for one.) So I went and hunted down a few things with which to pass the time and feel all fuzzy inside doing it. Not in the way that means you just ate mold, but... aw, man, I ruined it again. Forget that last mental image. Let's move on to Jisu's Master List of Seasonally Appropriate or Universal Things with Which to Pass the Time!

*Watch the worst Christmas special you can find and laugh at it. Classic.

*Wrapping paper tube wars. If no one else is around, challenge your door or your hug pillow to a duel.

*If you think you are pathetic for spending Christmas alone with your anime, play this game and be reminded that you, at least, would not fall to the level of the laughable protagonist. Even for Misato.

*Throw snow at people's garage doors. Garage doors are pretty stable and won't break or get you sued.

*Try to get your Merry Christmas entry in before everyone else! (I fail at this.)

*Play "guess what your clueless family got you". (No offense to clueless families. Mine at least is made of very nice people. Even my brother can be nice when he wants to be. Which is still rare.)

Alternately, you could watch a bunch of Christmas episodes. Here are my personal favourites.

*Tokyo Mew Mew (2-parter) Score one for canon pairings!

*Kaitou Saint Tail What a cute series.

*Digimon Adventure 02 Remember that one?

*Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's (Most of the second half) Not really a typical "Christmas special", but that series rocked.

Now that I have effectively wasted your time, merry Christmas, everyone!

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