Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Wild, Ridiculous Nanoha Speculation


Of course, I'm looking forward to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. However, all we have to learn about it are promo pictures, the A's epilogue and the manga (which has mainly just provided us with ChronoxAmy anyway... I never liked that pairing. It's like saying a girl and a guy can't be friends without dating). As such, I hopped on my dear computer Makoto and went looking around for fan speculation. I added a bit more of my own original content, too. I now present to you my convoluted findings in point form. Once information on the series is finally released, I hope to look back on this and point out what people have guessed correctly... and laugh at the rest. Fun, fun.

Jisu's Completely Fan-Based, Probably Totally Inaccurate Findings on Nanoha StrikerS

*The series opens with a duel between Signum and Fate; Fate wipes the floor with her.

*The new evil comes to destroy the world without alerting the magical higher-ups until it's too late; therefore, they involve themselves in government conspiracies and such, dealing only with the physical world. Kyouya, Miyuki and possibly Shirou investigate this with their cool sword fighting power. Halfway through the series, they team up with Nanoha and the Bureau because a combination of physical and magical fighting is necessary to defeat the enemy.

*If Shirou is not fighting alongside his kids, he has died like his Toraha alternate.

*The first sign of magic comes from a sighting of a ghostly little girl. The spirit of Alicia has come, blaming Nanoha and Fate for her mother's insanity and death. Fate is afraid to fight her original/sister, but Nanoha puts her heart into it and defeats her. It turns out that this spirit was a fake meant to keep the girls from wanting to fight. They are left wondering who would know them this well.

*The Wolkenritter's past and the Belkan culture are delved into for a whole three episodes' worth of flashback, possibly involving time travel. The Wolkenritter turn out to have been human knights who wished for immortality and something to devote their lives to, and were transformed into programs by the yaten no madousho. Shamal had a love interest in the past who returns with Nanoha and the crew to the future to fight.

*The cast is fleshed out with at least three more magical girls, two magical boys on the side of the enemy, their cute familiars, the great evil leader, and Fiasse Crystela.

*Nanoha finds a mysterious kodachi in her family home and uses it to dual-wield with Raising Heart's new Sword Mode so she can be like her older siblings. The sword turns out to be legendary. Somehow.

*There will be a badly animated swimsuit episode that looks like any other for the first 3/4 of the episode, but then incorporates some major plot point at the end.

*Chrono gets a squad car. Or space pod. Something like that. Everybody stops mooching off Suzuka for rides.

*Yuuno and/or Lindy start to notice something strange about Suzuka and Alisa. They turn out to have a weak magical aptitude, and participate in the final battle, even if it's just throwing sparks around and hoping something hits.

*Precia's mysterious unseen husband resurfaces when he learns that a clone of his daughter has been running around on Earth for the past 7 years. He proves a valuable source of exposition.

*Fate, as an investigator, is called in to solve a mystery that eventually ties into the main plot.

*Hayate is kidnapped by the enemies, leaving the Wolkenritter without a master. (This probably leads into the time travel arc.) Hayate may be possessed or duplicated while kidnapped; this turns the Wolkenritter against the Bureau, who regret that they have no choice to fight their friends.

*That white coat that Fate is wearing over her barrier jacket in the promo spread in Megami? Either it's got some sentimental value (Precia's labcoat while working on either Project Yggdra or Project Fate?), it's an upgrade to her barrier jacket, or she has to wear a lab coat on duty for some reason... Let's hope she's not been dissecting things.

*One of the magical boys on the enemy side has the power to jam the Bureau's communications and/or telepathy.

*The trio will be separated and have to fight their way out of a trap or maze alone.

*Hayate finds a Lost Logia that can destroy the world; the bad guys want it.

*Reinforce II flashes back to the destruction that the yami no shou caused.

*The main bad guy isn't the real main bad guy. He/she is being manipulated by the spirit of Precia, robbed of the way to Al Hazard and seeking revenge against Nanoha.

...Wow, that would make a great fanfiction. If someone thinks this is real, I will laugh at them, but if Seven Arcs does this, I will more than likely be awed. Keep going, everyone!


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