Monday, December 04, 2006


All, right, everybody, tenth entry! Woohoo! Now I can submit this blog to RSS things. Of course, technically I had more than ten entries before the move, but whatever. To celebrate, I figured I'd immerse us all in the spectacle of the current season (and by that I mean fall anime, but I don't want to say fall, because it's winter). I need to get myself organized, too. So, I present...

Things To Do Before I Die New Year's Comes, And With It, Winter TV

1) Make like Hinano Ayu. Go to the Asian grocery store and pick up some taiyaki. Go to every Asian grocery store in your area if you must to find some. Then warm it up, get a paper bag and carry it across town, eating some as you go. Note: stealing the taiyaki is not encouraged.

2) Dye your doll's hair blue and dress it in red Victorian clothing.

3) Get out the caution tape from Halloween and tape it across your door when you're changing.

4) Prank call Pizza Hut asking about their support of the rebellion in Japan.

5) Get that plastic sword from when you were a knight in the play in grade four, hide in a random classroom until everyone has left the school, and roam the halls hunting demons.

6) Take your brother's million-candle watt flashlight, aim it at the moon, and spell out "Take your princess back, please" in Morse code.

7) When you beat everyone else in an exam, whisper "Niisan" and walk off. Offer no explanation.

8) Burn an ugly flag with a lion and a snake on it in front of the nearest legislative building.

9) If you are in band, play your instrument in the school hallway. If you are not, I would say to borrow someone else's, but I was in band and can tell you that that is just unsanitary. Even with clarinet cleaner, my clarinet left a weird stain on my dresser that is there to this day. So you get off free on this one.

10) Wear a pink toque and squeal "Onegai Monster Ball!" at small animals.

11) Sneak up to someone in a cardboard box, throw it off and declare your everlasting grudge against this person. Double points if it's some kid from your old elementary school that you haven't seen in years or something along those lines, since you probably can't conform to the actual, spoilerish (even though it's been revealed now) situation.

12) Force your friends to do the Galaxy Angelrune line dance in public.

13) With the caution tape.

14) Play "guess the crossdresser" with random people on the street. Point out random girls and say they are guys when they are clearly not, and vice versa.

15) Dress your significant other's younger sibling as a younger version of you, and turn yourself into an older version of them. Gauge his/her reaction.

16) Cower in fear of small, cute baby chickens. Alternately, feed them and see if they will beat people up for you.

17) Pack your schedule full of intense physical training. When questioned, reply that you want to pilot your mecha in sub-light speed.

18) Record your alarm clock singing "Asa~ Asa da yo~ Asagohan takete gakkou iku yo~".

19) When your friend falls asleep in class, try and make them jump up and give a welcome speech from a restaurant. If they do not do this, fake it yourself.

20) Wear animal ears around school and try to get everyone else to do so.

21) Bother me because I haven't seen enough fall anime to do a more comprehensive list.

Got any suggestions? Send them here~

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