Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mai is wonderful, glasses are too. What could go wrong?

Well, it's that time again. Time to preview the coming anime of the winter season. Of course, I'll still be keeping whatever's on my watch list that spills over. So, everyone, keep an eye out for these!

Amazing Nuts!

An OVA coming this month. The art is really interesting, postmodern and colourful. But what is it? I have... absolutely no idea.

Genshiken OVA

Never seen Genshiken.


Catblue, a catwoman with a blue tail firing three guns at once. The entire trailer's in English, and at least the main character seems to be voiced by a native English speaker.

Winter Garden

A serious version of Di Gi Charat? Well, we've had an overly cute one and the regular kind, so why not? Puchiko looks like a generic shoujo heroine, but Dejiko just looks weird... still, I may very well pick this up.

Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre

I must finish the series on time for this dark, shiny-looking OVA featuring Suigintou.

Strike Witches

This is the winter of OVAs. Or is it always like this? Hm, what's Strike Witches about? Take Tokyo Mew Mew, add fanservice, cross with military weapons. Girls born with magic have weapons installed in their bodies to fight an alien invasion, and they transform and gain weapon parts (this one girl has missiles for legs). The art reminds me of Ichigo Mashimaro.

Saint October

Why they didn't air this in October is beyond me. It's a "neo-gothic action story" with three gothloli girls that solve paranormal mysteries. The main girl, Hayama Kotono, is a cheery girl with a dark secret. Hijiri Misaki, a pink-haired girl with Old West guns, gets my vote for best character design.

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora

Pink! And feathers! And a megane-kun, although the "I will take over the world" kind rather than the cute and quiet kind. They have a maid, too. Bleh to maids. Story! In a post-apocalyptic world, there's a giant city where people aspire to study (we know this because it is called Academia). Shiratori Ku keeps dreaming about a prince. Then he shows up. Wait, this is based on a shounen manga?

Deltora Quest

Based on a series of Australian children's books. This is a fantasy about a group of travelers searching for 7 jewels, one for each letter of the country's name, something like that. That Lief kid looks weird...


I've never heard of this, but apparently it's moving into its third season. Baseball, what more do you need?

Kamisama Kazoku

I've heard of this before. Family of gods from classical mythology moves into the human world, along with the son's guardian angel and close friend. The son tries to make a classmate like him without using magic.

Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette

Mandy, are you reading this?


I still need to see the original SHUFFLE! since I heard it's good.

Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!

Why Manabi Straight? Why not Manabi Crooked? Or Manabi Kinda Circular-Ish? Anyway, this looks like an adorable comedy to get into. It's in the future, where people have managed to slow down the birth rate... but now there's too few children. Geez, if it's not one thing it's the other.

Project BLUE Chikyuu SOS

Must be the second part of that OVA series.

Nodame Cantabile

The manga's licensed by Del Rey, anyone read it? A talented musician with a fear of traveling and a history of being overlooked meets a wild girl who shows him that music is for fun, not prestige.

Hidamari Sketch

A slice-of-life series set in an art school. Look at that art. It's really cute, but a bit overly so. Hey, that one girl has Cider's hairstyle!

Venus Versus Virus

A girl finds a brooch that gives her the power of a demon. Action, guns and a creepy blue-haired person with an eyepatch.

FLAG "Channel"

Don't quote me on that. Darn katakana. Anyway, it's a second season of FLAG.

Koisuru Tenshi Angelique ~Kagayaki no Ashita~

Yes! Someone please sub this. e-e;

Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho Tou

More demons. A school full of demons. What's the draw of demons? Tell me now.

Today In Class 5-2

What happens in Class 5-2? A bunch of grade fives that look like they're thirty having random adventures... wait, didn't this air last spring and no one noticed?


Those character designs look familiar. I guess this is the only ren'ai conversion series brave enough to air after this fall made people sick of them? Well, Kanon's continuing, of course, but you get my drift.

Okane ga Nai

Here you go, yaoi fangirls, I mentioned it. Now get out.

Maria-sama ga Miteru OVA II

Have any of you even seen this? Me neither.

Getsumen Toheiki Mina

Kujibiki Unbalance did horribly, what makes the Genshiken people think this one will work?

Himawari!! sequel

A sequel. To something. I have no idea.


Well, you can tell what this is about.

Master of Epic The Animation Age

More like Master of Engrish. It'd still backronym to MOE, and it would make more sense! Based on an MMORPG. The art looks fun though.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-lagann

Hello, generic shounen series. Guess that's what's taking over this season?

Hello Kitty

For those of you that like your cuteness fix.

Juso Kiko Dancouga Nova

Mecha. I do like the uniforms.

Yes! Precure 5

Futari wa Pretty Cure is running out of titles...

Rocket Girls

Finally, we have three girls in space. And one of them likes to run around in a hula skirt and bikini. What?

Also! Dengeki Daiou has stated that they will be publishing major Suzumiya Haruhi news at year's end. I think we all know what it is...

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