Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

The real reason has nothing to do with danger. It's all glory.

It's 9:36 PM, and I realize that I haven't compiled a list of New Year's resolutions. Better late than whatever. Besides, making lists is fun! Here we go...

1. I will learn how to unplug Setsuna from Makoto.

Don't laugh. I spent the better half of five minutes wiggling round the cord. My boyfriend comes and unplugs the thing in two seconds. I feel like an idiot.

2. I will get a job and buy more anime.

Because really, I feel kind of pathetic. Meh.

3. I will actually finish something that I get a great idea for in the middle of the night.

Does this need explanation?

4. I will explain to my boyfriend that the ouji-sama act is freaking me out.

I think I've been making him watch too many shoujo series or something. Seriously. I'm sorry!

5. I will convince my mother that ordering things off the internet is not going to kill me.

And she will not guilt me into waiting for the comic shops to get whatever it is I want in, if they ever do. She will not.

6. I will realize that just because making a first impressions post got me readers does not mean that I should get a swelled head, feel like I fit in even though I'd rather be making lists and commentaries, and start doing it all the time.

...Half that should have been in the explanation.

7. I will get a new wallpaper.

That one with Osaka and the knife is freaking me out.

8. I will get my boyfriend something half-decent for his birthday... make up for "forgetting" last year, and by "forgetting" I mean "taking revenge for the Friend Magnet Fiasco". He did get me that nice wallscroll. Even though getting a magical girl fan Card Captor Sakura is a bit of a cop-out.

9. I will post more.

If anything interesting happens.

10. Hm... I dunno... What should I do?

I'll think of something.

Happy New Year from Jisu (Sana Jisushi) at Not With A! Have a good year! And I dunno, let some dark-haired man into your house, eat Southern American food, I dunno. Apparently you do that.

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