Friday, December 22, 2006

My amusement for the day

She's never seen a real one before, only the circular kind.

More fearsome than the cabbage.

So I was looking for something to do when I found this. It's a fighting game. You put two names in, click the start button, and they start fighting each other. Of course, I had to play with it. Check out my results...

Perfect Isn't Easy

Feena Fam Earthlight VS Takamizawa Natsuki


Take that, perfect princess! Now if she could only beat the anime production team.

Ugu~ asa da yo!

Tsukimiya Ayu VS Minase Nayuki

AYU Win!

Of course, we already knew this.

Long-Standing Battle

Me VS Peppers

Do not want!

I suppose I will still have to eat them now...

So yeah, an interesting diversion. It amused my friends, anyway. And by that, I mean that my boyfriend thought it was a riot and the one other person that was on kept putting herself in to face the rest of us and tackled me when she lost to me.

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