Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Portable Moe: Cliche at the push of a button

She won Saimoe, she gets to be this entry's poster girl.

I thought I knew what ridiculous was, until this day. Bandai is capitalizing on eight well-known moe stock characters with Soundrop Moe, a set of eight keychains, one for each girl. Press the button and the imouto squeals for her oniichan, the catgirl nya-s like she just saw a fish and the childhood friend asks you if you're awake yet. Along with those three, the set also includes a maid, a tsunderekko, a clumsy girl, a rich girl, and an underclassman. The maid looks suspiciously familiar, but I can't place it... I guess that's my ridiculous quotient fulfilled for the next three days. They should make some of these for girls. Who wouldn't want to have a keychain on her purse so she could hear "That doesn't concern you", "Are you all right?" or "I've been working on something lately..." Give the last one glasses and cute hair and you've got yourself 200-some yen.

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